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Arrived in Dallas, and hopped on train to get to Hostel, found it no worries,
Then headed off into Downtown to look around,
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St Louis, the gateway to the West.

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Saturday 13th Oct... (huzzah thats today! i've nearly caught up with my LJ)

We-Hey!!!! off to the Indy 500 track, otherwise known as the Indianapolis Speedway. (this is the reason we came to Indy!!!!!!)

Soo so hyper!

going to Saint Louis tomorrow til the 16th
 yup i read too many Anita Blake books and have to check out the town! hehehe!

well more updates when i next get tinternet!

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Washington, Day 2, - Thursday 11th

Well we left or bags at the hostel, (twas a really nice hostel, and we went adventuring into town, to go to the air and space museam, cos JackBear said it would be fun!)

we started at the Capital Building, and found a funky waterfall to have pics next to...

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Washington, the Capital,
such a lovey city.

Arriving on the Tues early evening we had a quite night in, with free food! Huzzah, we like DC already, we watched a few more eppisodes of Heroes. heheh i think i got Beka addicted! but Hiro is sooooooo cool! (squeee)

Wednesday morning, JackBear wanted to wear his red braces today, and really didnt want to put his boots or trousers on, but i told him i was gonna leave him behind if he didnt, so he got dressed just in time and we set off getting the X2 bus into town, 

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Monday in Manhatton - the Adventures of JackBear and Mini Jack Continue

Monday morning we went back to times square and went to the Hard Rock Cafe, Fantastic!

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Sunday morning, we decided to go to the statue of Libberty and wander around downtown, 

pics galore day two New York )

next day

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So... where were we... sorry havent had tinternet since last friday...

Leaving for New York...

Saturday )


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