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Feb. 17th, 2009 08:23 am
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so am on the train.

ugggh toooo early in the morning for me.... how the hell did i use to manage getting up at 6.30 ish whern we used to work on the vinyard in NZ?????? its toooooooo fricken early!!!! about 5 hours too early...

dude i really need a job if i'm getting up at 11 every day/// i'm turning into even more of a lazy bum than i was before... LOL!!!!

grrrrrr train internet wont let me upload anything..... hope my godmother has wi-fi....


is on train. really wanna sleep... but dont wanna miss stop as have to change trains... in an hour.... an knowing my luck i'd wake up just after ..... ooo we just pulling into York... wonder if the Hogwarts Express is still livin at York Railway Museam?????

i wanna go on a steam train.. they are fun!

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am now thinking do i want to be a driver instructor... went to the informal interview thing today,
and it sounds good. and i have a driving assesment on thursday, so that they can assess how much training i would need,
ie they will tell me if i is a shit driver or if i is a good one, and then will recomend if i should take the corse to be a driving instructor...

so... um.... eeeee i might be on my way to actually have a CAREER instead of just a JOB.

EEEEEEEEEEEEE never thought i would ever get an actual career... but um... maybe...

so thats all from real life...

in other news... still so hyper about seeing Jensen next may at Asylum (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

and Gonna see John barrowman... SATURDAY!!!!!! MAJOR SQUEEEE...

and what is about SPN fans all being crazy??? i must have missed the memo...
but then i dont delve too deep on the tinternet forums...the dwarves delved too deep at Moria,
and look what happened to them... (huh that was random.. even for me...)

anyhoooo.... random picure??? i think so...
found it somewhere... but i cant remember where... so if ya recognise it... *grin* thanks

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i'm going to croft tomorrow to see the BTCC racing! Huzzah!
it crept up on me so fast i didnt realize it was tomorrow, 
but hopefully i should be home for Joseph....

humm, does that mean i'm more obsessed with Joseph at the moment than i am obsessed with Dr Who... 
what happened to the tiem when i wouldn't go out of the house when Dr who was on... now i cant leave when joseph is on... oh how obsessions change... at least when joseph finishes Cpt jack will turn up in dr Who,

Ah i is hyper now!


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