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I'm Abi. also known as Pippin, to some of my hobbit friends. i like traveling,
the furthest i been from home was 4810km from the south pole...and 18958km from London you could say i been there and back again... just like Mr Bilbo...
Anyhooo i digress..About me... er 5'4", brown hair .(when not died black) brown eyes.
I like reading, watching F1, driving, hum... what films do i like...list is endless... Star wars, LotR, Harry Potter... to name a few.. also like sci fi on TV, like x-files, Dr Who, Torchwood...
Random Ambition... to drive accross the USA in a black 1967 Impala and stop off at all the random sites i heard about from TV, Books and film.... he he... Roswell here i come...
think thats about it for now...
P.S. i tend to waffle... (as if you haddnt guessed by now...)

oh and this is me -


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