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went to see the Barrowman in Robin Hood!

kjfagtamvfdgurlshlj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC!!!!

arrived in Birmingham at about 1pm after getting a bit confused... never had been to B'ham before.... ARGH!!!! SPAGETTI JUNCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finnally Carrie and Vicky spot the Hippodrome and i decide to go down a random back lane to find a parking spot and accidently find the stage door! yea go me!!!

we then park and loiter outside the stage door with teh other ppl there. (EEEEEEEEEEEE)

then the Barrowman himself comes and parks in the same car park as us... (EEEEEEEEEE!)  and says hi to everyone at the stage door, and we manage to get some pics and autographs. (YEA. and he meets JackBear, and i give him a little album of JackBears travels accross teh world)

click for lots a pics, ROBIN HOOD SPOILER PICS!!!! *YE BE WARNED* )
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SO SO HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cant wait for Aug 27th! 
Gonna see Joseph!
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AH!!!!!!!!!! cant believe its friday tomorrow, that means its saturday after that, and am going to my friends BBQ at 2 on saturday! WHE HEY!!!!!!!!!! hyperness.
i told her i had to leave at 6ish...
so i'll be back in time for Dr Who, adn the FINALIE of Joseph (Lee is fab darling!)

lovley lee pic just because - Lovley Lee

we loves him!
we is obsessed with him,
yes we are, he is our PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!(oh dear Smeagol is back)

heheh which reminds me i applied for my New Zealand visa today Wooooo Hoooooo!
and i got a few forms to fill in etc to open a bank account etc! hehehe!

adn i handed in my notice at work ,i finish on the 27th of July! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!
then i is going down south with Carrie, goign to stonehenge adn tintagal etc wheeee!

have a nice summer holiday in Aug adn sept, visit lots of relitives, go to cornwall etc, 
watch Joseph end of aug major *SUQEEEEEEEEE*
then i be leaving on a jet plane... then i will go to America begining of oct, for 2 months and then arrive in NZ end of Nov begining of Dec!

SORTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if anyone wants to come with??? more than welcome,
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well i'm back...
just been to Boston for the weekend, twas fun. really flat! seriously! its like holland! oooh an it had windmills too, like holland, and it had dykes adn dams like holland... 
anyhoo i'm back from my godmothers, twas good, i hadnt seen her in ages, look lots of pics, 
was raining mostly (typical english bank holiday!)

so what i miss? apart from grand prix? just about to watch it now...

Ahh Lee was soo fine on sat night, turns out my godmother is adicted to ADWD too adn also wants Lee to win! heheh! she cool! and was thinking about buying tickets to Joseph too, i told her i had already got mine, 

well ttfn

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Board now...

oooh shiny!
 *is destracted by shiny things at [community profile] lee_mead wanders off over there*

*shamless plug...*

visit [community profile] lee_mead  its shiny!


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