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I LOVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bet this poor bugger doesnt thou... he totaled that wall dude!!!!! silly bugger was prob going to fast!!!!

spotted him on my walk up to the post office, so yup i cs_whitewolf i posted the coat... should arrive in the next few days :-)


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went to see the Barrowman in Robin Hood!

kjfagtamvfdgurlshlj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC!!!!

arrived in Birmingham at about 1pm after getting a bit confused... never had been to B'ham before.... ARGH!!!! SPAGETTI JUNCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finnally Carrie and Vicky spot the Hippodrome and i decide to go down a random back lane to find a parking spot and accidently find the stage door! yea go me!!!

we then park and loiter outside the stage door with teh other ppl there. (EEEEEEEEEEEE)

then the Barrowman himself comes and parks in the same car park as us... (EEEEEEEEEE!)  and says hi to everyone at the stage door, and we manage to get some pics and autographs. (YEA. and he meets JackBear, and i give him a little album of JackBears travels accross teh world)

click for lots a pics, ROBIN HOOD SPOILER PICS!!!! *YE BE WARNED* )
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Saw Inkheart at the flicks last night.
quite liked it, must take beka up on her offer of borrowing her book so i can read it.

in other news... eeeeeeeeeeee nearly saturday.... cant wait..
 Barrowman in panto.
Sweet Lord of teh rings!!!

it gonna be fantastic... must remember to bring my camera and take some sneeky pics.. MWAAAAA!!!! (if i can...)

waiting to watch new episode of Leverage.. its very good, saw the first two episodes a few days ago... Kane is fantastically yummy in it... ah.. got his CD in the mini and so anyone i give a lift to is being introduced to his lovely voice...its quite amazing 99% of my friends know who he is from angel, so it isnt really very hard to get them hooked....

MWAAA HAAAA HAAA!!! i shalll get them alll hooked on the prettyness that is Kane before long....

pics time now yees??? (pics nicked from al over everywhere)

MMMM Kane in Angel

KANE pics )
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am now thinking do i want to be a driver instructor... went to the informal interview thing today,
and it sounds good. and i have a driving assesment on thursday, so that they can assess how much training i would need,
ie they will tell me if i is a shit driver or if i is a good one, and then will recomend if i should take the corse to be a driving instructor...

so... um.... eeeee i might be on my way to actually have a CAREER instead of just a JOB.

EEEEEEEEEEEEE never thought i would ever get an actual career... but um... maybe...

so thats all from real life...

in other news... still so hyper about seeing Jensen next may at Asylum (EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

and Gonna see John barrowman... SATURDAY!!!!!! MAJOR SQUEEEE...

and what is about SPN fans all being crazy??? i must have missed the memo...
but then i dont delve too deep on the tinternet forums...the dwarves delved too deep at Moria,
and look what happened to them... (huh that was random.. even for me...)

anyhoooo.... random picure??? i think so...
found it somewhere... but i cant remember where... so if ya recognise it... *grin* thanks

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Yea i has Captain JackBear.

i was walking past the Bear Factory... DOH i keep calling it that... it had a name change.... Build a Bear. and i saw some really cute little converse in the shop window, and i thought... OOOOH Doctor Bear... so i went in and asked if they had any little brown pinstripe suits to go with the black converse boots... alas they didnt... but then i started talking to her and she was so ammused that i wanted to make a Doctor Bear, she said she didnt watch Dr Who but she watched Torchwood... 

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have uploaded my Captain Jack adventure pics,
have a look part 1 here and then part 2 here
will be putting them all on my photobucket soon...
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Spent the weekend in Milton Keynes at Collectormania, (a shiny event with lots of stars and ppl in costume)
Well here are the pics!
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hehehe! well i up loaded them!

he can play the guitar, adn looks good in a suit
he can play the guitar

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Went to Cardiff at the weekend. major SQUEEEE! so here are some pics of Cardiff Bay and some sneeky pics from the Panto,
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well, i finally uploaded my Ireland pics, huzzah, here is the link to my photo bucket if ya wanna lookie.
 or just look at these shiny ones


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