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AH!!!!!!!!!! cant believe its friday tomorrow, that means its saturday after that, and am going to my friends BBQ at 2 on saturday! WHE HEY!!!!!!!!!! hyperness.
i told her i had to leave at 6ish...
so i'll be back in time for Dr Who, adn the FINALIE of Joseph (Lee is fab darling!)

lovley lee pic just because - Lovley Lee

we loves him!
we is obsessed with him,
yes we are, he is our PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!(oh dear Smeagol is back)

heheh which reminds me i applied for my New Zealand visa today Wooooo Hoooooo!
and i got a few forms to fill in etc to open a bank account etc! hehehe!

adn i handed in my notice at work ,i finish on the 27th of July! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!
then i is going down south with Carrie, goign to stonehenge adn tintagal etc wheeee!

have a nice summer holiday in Aug adn sept, visit lots of relitives, go to cornwall etc, 
watch Joseph end of aug major *SUQEEEEEEEEE*
then i be leaving on a jet plane... then i will go to America begining of oct, for 2 months and then arrive in NZ end of Nov begining of Dec!

SORTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so if anyone wants to come with??? more than welcome,
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i'm going to croft tomorrow to see the BTCC racing! Huzzah!
it crept up on me so fast i didnt realize it was tomorrow, 
but hopefully i should be home for Joseph....

humm, does that mean i'm more obsessed with Joseph at the moment than i am obsessed with Dr Who... 
what happened to the tiem when i wouldn't go out of the house when Dr who was on... now i cant leave when joseph is on... oh how obsessions change... at least when joseph finishes Cpt jack will turn up in dr Who,

Ah i is hyper now!
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Wheee! got e-mail today saying they posted my Joseph tickets!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

and my torchwood audio books arrived today along with Erin's pwessie, so need to remember to post it!!!!
as i havent missed birthday yet! ... post post post ... i will remember! 

was listening to the lovley John Barrowman reading Another Life... but its abridged... so it hasnt got the very witty lines between ianto adn Jack... they edited them out! Gah! stupid BBC trying to make the books a 12 insead of a 15 /18 gah!!! 

so no, JB doesnt say... "Ianto i could talk about your testicals all day..." Dammit! no fair! 
plus hes dont say "Ianto youv'e antisipated my need to have something wam and wet inside me..." Gah! 

sheesh cutting the best bits out of the book! 
oh well ,hes still lovley reading it... but am i alowed to say David Tennant read the Who books more better???
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Huzzah! man u managed to get a 4.1 victory! Huzzah! 
adn Dr Who was on, so a heart felt thanks to Man U,
and BBC, if you ever thretten Dr Who again like that... well GAH, dotn even think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BBC you need to sort out your priorties!!! 


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