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went to see the Barrowman in Robin Hood!

kjfagtamvfdgurlshlj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC!!!!

arrived in Birmingham at about 1pm after getting a bit confused... never had been to B'ham before.... ARGH!!!! SPAGETTI JUNCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finnally Carrie and Vicky spot the Hippodrome and i decide to go down a random back lane to find a parking spot and accidently find the stage door! yea go me!!!

we then park and loiter outside the stage door with teh other ppl there. (EEEEEEEEEEEE)

then the Barrowman himself comes and parks in the same car park as us... (EEEEEEEEEE!)  and says hi to everyone at the stage door, and we manage to get some pics and autographs. (YEA. and he meets JackBear, and i give him a little album of JackBears travels accross teh world)

click for lots a pics, ROBIN HOOD SPOILER PICS!!!! *YE BE WARNED* )
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ok, so i caved and stumbled onto www.supernaturalstore.com

and accidently had a credit card accident... but look.. cos it was the only place that i could find that had a SPN calander


but then i found these too, and they arrived this morning...
Dean's ring, bracelet and shiny amulet... (i am the banana king Sparkle sparkle!!!)

cut for more pics )
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gonna see barrowman in panto in 10 days!!!!!!!!!


*does hyper dance*


(ps i just had half a bar of galaxy chocolate hence why am hyper-er than usual!)

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Yea i has Captain JackBear.

i was walking past the Bear Factory... DOH i keep calling it that... it had a name change.... Build a Bear. and i saw some really cute little converse in the shop window, and i thought... OOOOH Doctor Bear... so i went in and asked if they had any little brown pinstripe suits to go with the black converse boots... alas they didnt... but then i started talking to her and she was so ammused that i wanted to make a Doctor Bear, she said she didnt watch Dr Who but she watched Torchwood... 

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yea! i has laptop!
wheeeeeeeeeee! it comming a=on my adventures and i can still be tinternet capable when traveling! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
is hyper!

and i screen capped the DR who Movie in honour of meeting Paul McGann tomorrow.

for the pretty pics go click here

have fun!
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not long now!
i'm soooooo hyper!

Ianto and 8th, 

hummm now there's a nice pairing... 

must remember to bring my 8th DVD movie, so i can get Paul McGann to sign it! yea!

8th is Lovely!

Ianto is Lovley!

is hyper
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 this time in Scotland

check out the pics here

and i went in to town today and i booked my flights to america/canada and to Fiji and NZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dates are - me adn Beka leave newcastle on 3 oct 07 at 6.55 am

arive in Toronto at 14.40 on the 3rd

Beka leaves LA on the 1st Nov, i stay on til th 13th nov

then LA to Fiji 13 Nov at 22.30 arriving at 5.15 am on the 15th... (i totally miss out on the 14th November as i go over the international date line... hope nothing too interesting happens then?????)

then from Fiji to Auckland on the 20th Nov at 8.45am arriving auckland at 12.45pm.

heheheh! i soooooooooo hyper,

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more pics )
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13.5 hours till i see the 5th film,
Woooh Hoooo!
i is hyper

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hehehe is hyper!!!!!!!!
i met billy boyd! oh i love him he is fabulous he is lovley!
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so new post about collectormania glasgow here

i is soooo hyper!
we gonna see Ianto!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
e-mail me if you wants a Ianto T-shirt!

oh and london film and commic con! DOMINIC MONAHAGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
will have to change bus tickets and go home on sat arvo instead of friday!
i NEED to meed him!

ze dolphin in flipper... he iz ded!
he died in a car accident!
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Yeah. i is hyper,
gonna see Billy boyd on saturday!

and i gonna get some lovley t-shirts made up for visiting Ianto at glasgow at the end of August
i am sooo hyper!


in other news i have now booked my tickets to go to Inverness to visit Laura adn go camping in  mid august!
yea, (10th to 14th)

next i wanna go to cardiff!, need to see em filming Torchwood! yeah! when to go... when to go...
victoria, when you free to go??

oh and potter film comes out next week!  adn then book week after that! 

"oh you'll love book 7, i cried"
"good ole JK!!!"
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i is gonna meet Billy Boyd on Saturday!
Hobbit hobbit hobbit! 

*is hyper*
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7 hours to the start of the last of the time lords!
then i will have to watch em all again! 
is hyper! 

might go to Memrobillia in Birmingham next week, to see billy boyd! 
but its a long was just to see one hobbit...

anyhoo, will think of it more later in the week....

i is hyper

Jun. 27th, 2007 06:40 pm
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i is hyper,

phoned the NZ visa ppl today, my NZ bank account is being sorted, my tax number is being sorted, and i already got my new zealand visa!


right... now i need flight to the good ole US of A, 

and then flight from USA to new zealand, adn i be sorted... 
hehe so 3rd oct i leaving on a jet plane, dont know when i be baaaaaack... 

noooooooo.... when does Torchwood start????? can you get it from distant lands... 
ah well, as the aussies say nee wucken furries mate... i'll work something out, if the worst comes, i'll  have a massive torchwood watching day or two when i get home, mmmmmm day full of jack and ianto...
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not long till more Jack tonight on BBC 1!!!!!!!!!
hehehe! how are tey gonna get out of this cliff hanger???? meep! my guess is that somehow teh Doc is gonna fix Jacks wrist computer, and he can track the Tardis back to cardiff adn bunny hop back to 2007... OR they will find the Masters Tardis somewhere adn nick that... OR ummm. well they gotta get back somehow... will just have to wait another 1h and 16 mins!
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james marsters aka Spike is gonna be in Torchwood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HOW MINT IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

was brousing james Masters website and it mentioned it, adn james is a dr who fan!


i so hyper!!!!!!!!!!!!


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