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Wheeee i'm finally getting round to my account of Captain Jack! at the London Film and Comic Con. July 2nd
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part one here

i'll update more tomorrow...
cos Captain Jack needs a post all to himself!!!!!!!!
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Saturday - Got up at 3.23am to get 4.30 train to London,
so hyper on the train, couldnt sleep, plus there was scary drunken people on train, sooo not fun! so we had random fun with Janet straitning mine and Carries hair, was mental!
Got to London KIngs Cross at 8am, traveled by tube to Earls Court,
an there it was, Earls Court, inside was a fantastic supply of shiny things, shiny peope and new friends to meet, and old friends to run away from (the stormtrooper are so fun to flirt with... *giggle*)
There was a long que, EEEP! we then realised that since we had pre-paid tickets we could go to the really short que, WooHoo,
We joins short que, and soon it is time to let us in,
we go to get Elijah talk tickets strait away and we bump into bunnyvon, cadiliniel, also getting tickets (hyper bouncing and Hi's exchanged)
we then legg it to the cloak room to dump our bags, and then collect tickets for Elijah wood and Nathan Fillian autographs,
Sooooo HYper at this point its just silly,
Beka seams to of overcome her fear of the stormtroopers which is good, cas as i said before they are so much fun to flirt with!
As we have to wait lots before we can meet Elj, we do a little brousing the shiny shops, and we bump see the Doctor we saw at MK in MAy adn then couldnt find him again, so we asked if we could have a photo with him, cos he is just a PERFECT TEN, he said he was making his own tardis, and showed us pics! SWEET! and had his coat custom made, WOW!!!!!!!! anyways i claim him as my doctor, co he was FANTASTIC!!!!*GRIN*
then it was time for the Elijah Photo Shoot.
Wheeee Hyper!
Beka by this point was quite hyper, and so were we all,
We met him, he so cool, twas fun, was trying to grow manly beard, *giggle* he got really beatiful big blue eyes. *sigh*

right, rest later with pics... gota work...

part two here


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