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i'm going to croft tomorrow to see the BTCC racing! Huzzah!
it crept up on me so fast i didnt realize it was tomorrow, 
but hopefully i should be home for Joseph....

humm, does that mean i'm more obsessed with Joseph at the moment than i am obsessed with Dr Who... 
what happened to the tiem when i wouldn't go out of the house when Dr who was on... now i cant leave when joseph is on... oh how obsessions change... at least when joseph finishes Cpt jack will turn up in dr Who,

Ah i is hyper now!
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Wheee! got e-mail today saying they posted my Joseph tickets!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

and my torchwood audio books arrived today along with Erin's pwessie, so need to remember to post it!!!!
as i havent missed birthday yet! ... post post post ... i will remember! 

was listening to the lovley John Barrowman reading Another Life... but its abridged... so it hasnt got the very witty lines between ianto adn Jack... they edited them out! Gah! stupid BBC trying to make the books a 12 insead of a 15 /18 gah!!! 

so no, JB doesnt say... "Ianto i could talk about your testicals all day..." Dammit! no fair! 
plus hes dont say "Ianto youv'e antisipated my need to have something wam and wet inside me..." Gah! 

sheesh cutting the best bits out of the book! 
oh well ,hes still lovley reading it... but am i alowed to say David Tennant read the Who books more better???
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went to the zoo,
"its all happening at the zoo Scully!"
 oh it was fab! there was a walk thru monkey cage! the monkeys were soooooooo cute! we wernt alowed to touch the ropes of the fence of the path thru the cage, cause hte monkeys used them to climb on, i wnats a pet spider monkey! they are soooooooo adorable, they kept trying to grab the keyrings off my bag, they seam to like shiny things,

and then.... there were more animals than that but it was worth it for the monkeys, i wants a monkey! i shall call it Jack, oooh i wants an undead monkey! Top that!!!!!! (Martin says a flying monkey tops that! i dont think so, undead monkeys are way cooler than flying monkeys!)

and then... we played the War On Terror the board game, i was really quite funny, 
had to pause for Dr Who !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! heheh he met Shakespeare! twas brill, i want to travel in time too, looks fun! 
then we watched dr who confidential, adn then  i went to bed with a headache,

and esther and martin finished the war on terror game and turned my citys etc into terrorists ! charming! 
oh well... 


Jan. 1st, 2007 11:26 pm
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eeeeep! they cant just leave it like that! Tardis Noise, Jack Gone! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! we now gotta wait till DW S3 Not fair! wanna see now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eeeeeep! loved the episodes, eeeeeep! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!, he looking for the rigth kinda Doctor! oh i'm soooo hyper now,

Oh and the Mulder Scully, thing, soooooo squee moment! heheheheh

oh i'm gonna go to bed now and dream of torchwood,! oooh i still got a few chapters of my last torchwood book left... hehehe, right thats it, i'm gonna watch the whole series back to back one weekend soon, ! dunno when thou, going to ireland next sunday! hrehehehe Hyper again!
WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! hobbit hobbit hobbit! 
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Heheeh photos here from the nativity!
it was sooooo much fun!


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