Jun. 30th, 2007 10:34 pm
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7 hours to the start of the last of the time lords!
then i will have to watch em all again! 
is hyper! 

might go to Memrobillia in Birmingham next week, to see billy boyd! 
but its a long was just to see one hobbit...

anyhoo, will think of it more later in the week....

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not long till more Jack tonight on BBC 1!!!!!!!!!
hehehe! how are tey gonna get out of this cliff hanger???? meep! my guess is that somehow teh Doc is gonna fix Jacks wrist computer, and he can track the Tardis back to cardiff adn bunny hop back to 2007... OR they will find the Masters Tardis somewhere adn nick that... OR ummm. well they gotta get back somehow... will just have to wait another 1h and 16 mins!
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Captain Jack is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and me is hyper
roll on to sat 7.14! YEAH!

lookie at pretty picture from da BBC!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!

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Spent the weekend in Milton Keynes at Collectormania, (a shiny event with lots of stars and ppl in costume)
Well here are the pics!
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Happy Birthday David Tennant!

Partaaaay! hard dude! its ya Birthday - this is my doctor dancing with a Dalek

Partaaay Hard its ya Birthday!

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Huzzah! man u managed to get a 4.1 victory! Huzzah! 
adn Dr Who was on, so a heart felt thanks to Man U,
and BBC, if you ever thretten Dr Who again like that... well GAH, dotn even think about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BBC you need to sort out your priorties!!! 

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I Hate Football! 
I hate the Priorities that BBC have, 
Dr who might get postponed to next week if the football over runs! 
*WAIL!!!!!!!!!!* so not fair!
well i hope one side just totally slaughters the other and that it will be over quicky! 
have i mentioned that i hate football????? GAH!!!!!!!!! 
stupid BBC, dont they know that it will make alot of ppl very irate if they postpone the new eppisode of Dr Who????? 


Apr. 7th, 2007 11:02 am
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hellooooo i im blackpool visiting my sister, 
and yes i have been listening to the Blackpool soundtrack.... heheeh
yesterday we went to the Dr Who museam, heheheh! photos will be up when i get back home, it was shiny, i had the old cybermen, and a few dead ones killed by gold! (poor things!)
and there was this little kid who was going round with his pearents (he must have been like 4 or 5) and at one point he just refussed to go any further as there was a really dark corridor and some really UGLY monsters down there, so me having my sonic screwdriver always with me, (you gotta be ready!!!) shone it down the coridor, adn he peared round the corner, and then promplty hid again, (cybermen apparently being the lesser of two wievils... )so i said to him, here borrow my sonic screwdriver for a bit, and any ways the Doctor has defeated all these anyway which is how they are all in a museam of us to look at... it cheared him up a bit, and his dad thanked me, and off he wandered down the corridor, armed with my sonic screwdriver, 2 mins later while i was still taking pics of the dead cybers, he wanders back , and says, thanks i zapped em all, and, goes off again, 
he was sooo little! glad i could let him appriciate dr who a little better!

so then we ended up in the shiny shop, and i spotted a black t-shirt with the doctor on it.... need less to say i bought it, yeah! 

then we wandered out the shop, accross the road and spotted ice-creams, which i had to get one too, no trip to blackpool is compleat without an ice-cream, heheh! took photo of that too,

Went back to sisters house and played the doc who board game which she gave me for my birthday, hehhe! i won i repaired my tardis first... 

anyhoo  i think we might be  going to the zoo, today, so ttfn, pics will be in a few days.

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hehehe! still got song for ten stuck in my head! heheheh, i keep singing it at inopertune moments, adn people keep asking me what i'm singing! 
had the 2nd las practice to day for our nativity play! i finished the powerpoint pres, but when i took it in to the church computer, the little clip of the tardis didnt work!!! DOH! i'd forgotten to put it on the disk! woops. but i done another disk and it works so yea! time to test it tomorrow, final practice!
the tardis looks fantastic! we've even got a flashy blue light on the top, it looks mint! i asked the vicar if i could keep it! SQUEEE! but i think he wants to keep it himself! oh well!

oh its gonna be fab! i'll take my camera in tomorrow and take a few pics cos its the dress rehersal heheh!

oh i is sooooo hyper!

ps, oooh i just noticed the layout of the journal entries has changed... weird!
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part one here

i'll update more tomorrow...
cos Captain Jack needs a post all to himself!!!!!!!!


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