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he he,
well i FINALLY got around to put my pics of Carrie, Nettie's and my camping trip.


Jul. 29th, 2007 09:42 am
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Wheee! i is in oxford at a Funky Backpackers. well, just had breckie and lady_carrie still had some tinternet time! yea,
well me and carrie are exploring this week, we going to explore oxford today try find some potter film locations...
yesterday we did a totally non scary ghost tour of oxford, it was basically a history tour of where lots if ppl had died! nice..
well we meeting nettie at 12, yea...tonight we are camping in salisbury so hopefully it wont rain!
oh gah! there was this dude in the dormitary who kept slamming the door and waking everyone up and looking thru his stuff with a lighter, Fire BAD! i woke up the first time i saw the glow of the lighter and said "what the hell are ya doign????!!!!?" adn told him to turn the light on instead! eeeep! i was petrifyued he would accidentally burn something, since he was sooooo drunk! daft bugger!

there is a little yellow bird sittign next to me and is making a massive noise! *squeek* i think its a buggie but who knows, 
well ttf now till i get tinternet again


Jul. 26th, 2007 05:28 pm
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whee is going camping next week! 
argh needs to packs..
where is that tent????

oooh i found my sleeping bag, huzzah!

oh  and compleatly unrelated news the Ianto T-shirts will be ready tomorrow!
hehehhehhe! i so hyper!
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Yeah. i is hyper,
gonna see Billy boyd on saturday!

and i gonna get some lovley t-shirts made up for visiting Ianto at glasgow at the end of August
i am sooo hyper!


in other news i have now booked my tickets to go to Inverness to visit Laura adn go camping in  mid august!
yea, (10th to 14th)

next i wanna go to cardiff!, need to see em filming Torchwood! yeah! when to go... when to go...
victoria, when you free to go??

oh and potter film comes out next week!  adn then book week after that! 

"oh you'll love book 7, i cried"
"good ole JK!!!"


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