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Apr. 9th, 2007 10:03 pm
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Well i'm back form blackpool!
i spotted 37 range rovers (torchwood style) on the way home, 25 of those were in a traffic jam on the M6!!!!!
7 were red, 6 were silver, and the rest were black, (there was 1 or two dark blue / dark green, but not many)
I'm telling you, they are mocking me! 
i wants a Torchwood SUV... lookie it shiny! I want that one!!!!!!!!

Torchwood SUV... i want that one!
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went to the zoo,
"its all happening at the zoo Scully!"
 oh it was fab! there was a walk thru monkey cage! the monkeys were soooooooo cute! we wernt alowed to touch the ropes of the fence of the path thru the cage, cause hte monkeys used them to climb on, i wnats a pet spider monkey! they are soooooooo adorable, they kept trying to grab the keyrings off my bag, they seam to like shiny things,

and then.... there were more animals than that but it was worth it for the monkeys, i wants a monkey! i shall call it Jack, oooh i wants an undead monkey! Top that!!!!!! (Martin says a flying monkey tops that! i dont think so, undead monkeys are way cooler than flying monkeys!)

and then... we played the War On Terror the board game, i was really quite funny, 
had to pause for Dr Who !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! heheh he met Shakespeare! twas brill, i want to travel in time too, looks fun! 
then we watched dr who confidential, adn then  i went to bed with a headache,

and esther and martin finished the war on terror game and turned my citys etc into terrorists ! charming! 
oh well... 


Apr. 7th, 2007 11:02 am
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hellooooo i im blackpool visiting my sister, 
and yes i have been listening to the Blackpool soundtrack.... heheeh
yesterday we went to the Dr Who museam, heheheh! photos will be up when i get back home, it was shiny, i had the old cybermen, and a few dead ones killed by gold! (poor things!)
and there was this little kid who was going round with his pearents (he must have been like 4 or 5) and at one point he just refussed to go any further as there was a really dark corridor and some really UGLY monsters down there, so me having my sonic screwdriver always with me, (you gotta be ready!!!) shone it down the coridor, adn he peared round the corner, and then promplty hid again, (cybermen apparently being the lesser of two wievils... )so i said to him, here borrow my sonic screwdriver for a bit, and any ways the Doctor has defeated all these anyway which is how they are all in a museam of us to look at... it cheared him up a bit, and his dad thanked me, and off he wandered down the corridor, armed with my sonic screwdriver, 2 mins later while i was still taking pics of the dead cybers, he wanders back , and says, thanks i zapped em all, and, goes off again, 
he was sooo little! glad i could let him appriciate dr who a little better!

so then we ended up in the shiny shop, and i spotted a black t-shirt with the doctor on it.... need less to say i bought it, yeah! 

then we wandered out the shop, accross the road and spotted ice-creams, which i had to get one too, no trip to blackpool is compleat without an ice-cream, heheh! took photo of that too,

Went back to sisters house and played the doc who board game which she gave me for my birthday, hehhe! i won i repaired my tardis first... 

anyhoo  i think we might be  going to the zoo, today, so ttfn, pics will be in a few days.


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