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so apparently the cheerer hotel rooms for Asylum are selling out...


ok so the internet was lying!
if you ring up one can still get the cheap rooms, i didnt want to press my luck so

i have secured TWO twin rooms at 86.99 per night per room ,( so thats 43 per person per night) for the 4 of us

from friday night and check out on monday morning.

i have until 48 hours befor convention starts to change or cancel it! so DONT WORRY!!!! so if you need to only stay two nights no worries!!!

its held on my credit card, so we dont have to pay anything till the day we book in, :-)

so we can now rest easy about the hotel rooms sellin out. NO  WORRIES!!!!!!
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went to see the Barrowman in Robin Hood!

kjfagtamvfdgurlshlj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FANTASTIC FANTASTIC FANTASTIC!!!!

arrived in Birmingham at about 1pm after getting a bit confused... never had been to B'ham before.... ARGH!!!! SPAGETTI JUNCTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

finnally Carrie and Vicky spot the Hippodrome and i decide to go down a random back lane to find a parking spot and accidently find the stage door! yea go me!!!

we then park and loiter outside the stage door with teh other ppl there. (EEEEEEEEEEEE)

then the Barrowman himself comes and parks in the same car park as us... (EEEEEEEEEE!)  and says hi to everyone at the stage door, and we manage to get some pics and autographs. (YEA. and he meets JackBear, and i give him a little album of JackBears travels accross teh world)

click for lots a pics, ROBIN HOOD SPOILER PICS!!!! *YE BE WARNED* )


Dec. 15th, 2008 07:09 pm
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ok, so i been doing some research on the SPN convention.

the prices for stayin at the hotel.  (MEEP!!!)

cheapest is 130 per person for 3 nights as in arrive friday arvo,. and check out on monday mornin.

that would work if we had 2 or 4 peeps. cos the discount is only on rooms with 2 people!

for the friday night and the sat check out on sunday morning, (but bearing in mind that convention stuff goes on till 11pm on sunday) would be 88 per person. (as long as there are 2 or 4 peeps)


am thinking of booking hotel rooms after christmas.

any thoughts?
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gonna see barrowman in panto in 10 days!!!!!!!!!


*does hyper dance*


(ps i just had half a bar of galaxy chocolate hence why am hyper-er than usual!)

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Yeah. i is hyper,
gonna see Billy boyd on saturday!

and i gonna get some lovley t-shirts made up for visiting Ianto at glasgow at the end of August
i am sooo hyper!


in other news i have now booked my tickets to go to Inverness to visit Laura adn go camping in  mid august!
yea, (10th to 14th)

next i wanna go to cardiff!, need to see em filming Torchwood! yeah! when to go... when to go...
victoria, when you free to go??

oh and potter film comes out next week!  adn then book week after that! 

"oh you'll love book 7, i cried"
"good ole JK!!!"
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i is gonna meet Billy Boyd on Saturday!
Hobbit hobbit hobbit! 

*is hyper*


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