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So i printed out all my e-mails from Rouge Events.

I has my photo ops e-mails
autograph e-mails
confirmation e-mail with reg number
confirmation friday autograph session


is all ready.. how long does i has to wait??? not long nows.

am going to watch 17 Again tonight... hehehe ZAC EFRON!!!!!!!!!!!!

had a high school musical marathon on sunday... hehehe yeah.. am kinda adicted!!!! ITS NOT MY FAULT HE'S adorable!!!!


he's only a few years younger than me.... he's older than Tom Felton!!!! yeah!!!!!!!! so i feel ok about that!!!!


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Accidently ordered my Charlie the unicorn t-shirt (s) says they should arive between 7-10 days

i got a

We're on a Bridge Charlie shirt

and a

am a bad bad girl!!!!

means i spent 140 quid today what with asylum pics, autographs and charlie the unicorn t-shirts!!!

BAD ABI!!!!!!!!!



Apr. 16th, 2009 10:58 pm
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just got my e-mail

i got the autographs on friday!!!!!


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OK... so they didnt have me on the database which is why i hadnt got my confirmation letter!

i e-mailed them my paypal recipt, and the message back was that i would have been around the 600/700 mark if i they put me on the database, BUT SINCE SOME HOW I WAS MISSED OFF AM NOW 1358!!!!!!


but anyhow at least am going and my ticket for Jensen pic op and Misha pic is on my confirmation pack.

so waiting to get Jared pic tickets and J2 on thurs....

anyhoooo its all been confirmed that i is going by Paul. so YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

will have to print out the e-mails from paul and take them with me!!!!!!!

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NOT HAPPY JAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bloody post office

am getting seriously paranoid!!!!!!!!

i got the paypal recipt.... so i KNOW it went thru!!!!!!!

where is it??????????
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hehehe they've made a 3rd one

i totally blame Jared for me even knowing this carzy cartoon exists!!!

am thinking of getting a charlie the unicorne t-shirt for the asylum convention!!!


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so mine hasnt arived yet...

wants confirmation letter.

*prods mailman*

where is my precious????????????

has anyone got theirs yet????

Asylum ETC

Mar. 22nd, 2009 03:19 pm
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IS HYPER!!!!!!

so so hyper....

my train is booked.

eeeeeeeeeee we is gonna meet the boys!!!

so in other news i been watching The Tudors as my friend Beka made me borrow them... i likes....i like Charles... hes got big beatiful blue eyes.... we loves him..

also been watching Merlin...
*FLAIL* Mmmmmmmmmmm Arthur!!!!!!!!! heheheh I love him!!!!! heheheheh!!!

hummm what else have i been doing... um looking for jobs... *giggle*  hehehe no not really... i've been sending off a few e-mails but hey there is no jobs... what a shame...
thats what jobseekers alowance and credit cards are for.....

still training to be a driving instructor.. passed the first part.. did  i say that a few posts ago.. cant remember

hum what else...

OMG SUPERNATURL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant wait for next week this series 4 is just gettin betterer and betterer...
humm will have to think of so questions (intelgent ones) to ask J2 and Misha...

*flail* we gonna meet them!!!
i've come full circle so i'll say ttfn

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A bonus guest announcement for Asylum 2009.

The Team of Rogue Events are pleased to welcome


To Asylum 3: Heaven, Hell and In-Between

Jared plays Sam Winchester on the CW TV Series Supernatural


Many Thanks for all your support, we hope you have a fantastic weekend

Best Wishes
Wayne Munn

Please note: All guests are subject to work commitments.

Jared will be in the Group Photo Shoot.

Jared is not included any event packages therefore autographs and photo shoots will have to be bought separately.

Jared's 1st Autograph will be £10 thereafter the rate is £20 per autograph.

Photo Ops and Autograph passes will be made available online in the next few weeks

Further announcements will be made soon on the weekend schedule.

OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


THIS MAKES ME HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mar. 11th, 2009 10:23 am
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i has booked my train ticket!!!!

i can has go to convention!!!!!!!!


is arriving at Birmingham International Railway station at 14.54 on Friday 29th May!!!!


EDIT - now found out that Rego starts at 2pm... so will prob get the earlier train and arive at 12.54 instead!!!
thank goodnes for an open ticket!!!

and leaving at 11.38 am Monday 1st June



Mar. 7th, 2009 06:58 pm
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3 months!!!!!!!!! to Asylum!!!!! *GUH*

am booking my train tickets on monday to go down to B/ham from Newcastle!!!!! FLAIL!!!!!!!! it makes it even more real!!!!!

hummm i wonder when they are goign to send the tickets for the convention out!

check list -

book convention tickets - CHECK
book photo and autograph tickets - CHECK
book hotel room - CHECK
Find another person for roommate -
book travel  - MONDAY
Flail - CHECK
Dont say anything TOOO silly in front of Jensen and Misha
Dont ask Jensen about his and Jareds Gay Love. they are friends... let him believe in his delusion that they are ONLY friends and not soulmates!!!
Ask sensible questions at the Q&A ones that dont get a groan from the entire audience
dont mention slash fanfic infront of the actors!!!
try to be a sensible fangirl
Bring SamBear and DeanBear so they can meet Jensen et al...

right what have i missed off the list???

anyone want to add anything???

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it arrived



we is gonna meet him at Asylum!



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so apparently the cheerer hotel rooms for Asylum are selling out...


ok so the internet was lying!
if you ring up one can still get the cheap rooms, i didnt want to press my luck so

i have secured TWO twin rooms at 86.99 per night per room ,( so thats 43 per person per night) for the 4 of us

from friday night and check out on monday morning.

i have until 48 hours befor convention starts to change or cancel it! so DONT WORRY!!!! so if you need to only stay two nights no worries!!!

its held on my credit card, so we dont have to pay anything till the day we book in, :-)

so we can now rest easy about the hotel rooms sellin out. NO  WORRIES!!!!!!


Jan. 12th, 2009 10:18 pm
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why is paypal so easy to use??????? it doesnt help that i linked it to my credit card so i could pay for the Asylum Convention... but now????

its still linked and i accidently found myself on jason manns myspace page, and accidently bought his CD's and a t-shirt... WOOOOPS!!!!!!!

i am bad at this whole not spending money thing.... but i needed him and Jensen singing Crazy Love... i did. i needed it on CD!!!!!!  i now i know that this week or the next i'll accdently find mysel on Steve Carlson's website and accidently buy his new CD, so Jensen wrote a few songs with him on it...

I AM SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

still need to book the hotel room for the convention in May.... and whoooooo i just found out that Jason Manns is gonna do a gig there too... thats waht prompted me to get his CD and a t-shirt so i can be fangirly... hehehe


Dec. 17th, 2008 08:01 pm
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HA the people at Asylum have a sense of humour... look what just cropped up on  [livejournal.com profile] asylum_con 

Due to a lot of squeeing and general excitedness over Jensen's appearance at Asylum next year, Paul put this together as a rule to fangirls :D


Dec. 15th, 2008 07:09 pm
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ok, so i been doing some research on the SPN convention.

the prices for stayin at the hotel.  (MEEP!!!)

cheapest is 130 per person for 3 nights as in arrive friday arvo,. and check out on monday mornin.

that would work if we had 2 or 4 peeps. cos the discount is only on rooms with 2 people!

for the friday night and the sat check out on sunday morning, (but bearing in mind that convention stuff goes on till 11pm on sunday) would be 88 per person. (as long as there are 2 or 4 peeps)


am thinking of booking hotel rooms after christmas.

any thoughts?


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