Feb. 11th, 2009

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EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! found on yahoo news


Red Dwarf crew come back to earth

Cult comedy Red Dwarf is returning to the small screen this Easter, 21 years since the science fiction series first blasted off. Skip related content

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Red Dwarf crew come back to earth

For eight series, Dave Lister wanted to return to his home planet. Now, at last, he has - in Red Dwarf: Back to Earth.

Written and directed by Red Dwarf co-creator Doug Naylor, the new show reunites Chris Barrie as Rimmer, Craig Charles as Lister, Danny John-Jules as Cat and Robert Llewellyn as Kryten.

The two-part series Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, will kick start a Red Dwarf Easter weekend from Good Friday.

This will be followed by Red Dwarf: Unplugged, a "no holds barred" episode with no sets, no effects - and no autocue.

The weekend will climax with Red Dwarf: the Making of Back to Earth, a behind-the-scenes special from the new production.

The offbeat series, set in space, has enjoyed phenomenal success since it first aired in 1988 on BBC2.

It brought in more than eight million viewers for series eight, sold 7.25 million DVD and videos worldwide, broadcast in some 25 territories worldwide and won International Emmy and British Comedy Awards.


FAN SMEGGIN TASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Feb. 11th, 2009 11:50 pm
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Just seen Bolt in 3D..... WOW 3D is amaizing technology!!!!!

cant wait till friday when am goign to see My Bloody Valentine in 3D ................ *flail*

will  be fantastic! already seen it in 2D but in 3D i think it will be awesome!!!!!

oooooooh and am seeing it again on sunday too.

and seeing friday 13th on friday 13th too... hehehe!!!!!!

good job i got a cinema card for cineworld and only have to pay 11.99 a month for unlimited films, or i would be skinter than a skint person with no money!!!!! LOL!!! i really need to find a job!!!!!! and stop livin off jobseekers alowance!


i have mock theory and hazard perception test on monday, and if i pass that i'll be applying for my test for real... then i will be a third of the way to becoming a driving instructor.... meep thats like a career!!!!! never thort i'd have one of them!!!!!!!!

well ttfn


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