Feb. 9th, 2009

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ok. so the other day my parents decide they needed to catch up on torchwood and asked if i wanted to watch too,
and me being me cant not watch torchwood. so i agree,
mum says she thinks the last episode they watched was the wedding one. so me thinks, ok thats good i can watch From out of the rain with them, no random sex or anything, cos thats always strange watching sex scenes with parents...

then about 5 seconds into the episode they decide that they've seen it, so skiip onto the next episode, adrift... typical. and even though i know whats comming (ie Jack and Ianto) i still have to watch cos Torchwood!!!! LOL!

so i end up watching jack and ianto get it on... i kinda sink further into my seat and disapear, while watching the TV intently....

Why is it when ya watching a film or tv or whatever, and there's only like ONE sex scene in the film, it is gaurenteed that a pearent will come into the room at that point????? its happened to me with Jerry Muguiar, x-files, Three Musketeers. and then when i was at Janets house the other day we were watching ten inch hero, and janets mum decides to come in the middle of the one sex scene too... bloody typical?

is this a universal parents thing?????????

and in other news my neck is killin me, one of the mussles is pinching and i had to go to the hospital and sit around for ages so that they could give me drugs to relax the mussles.
mmmmmmm codeine....
but OW! my neck HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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just found out that my cinema has just got its 3D screen and My Bloody Valentine is being put back on and this time in 3D at 9.30pm each night htis week!


i only have to go 6 miles now instead of 40! WOOOOO HOOOO!

jensen in 3D

ooooh and gonna watch Jared in Friday 13th this Friday the 13th!


so hyper


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